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The facial filler market continues to grow every year . Majority of the soft augmentation fillers contain hyaluronic acid products (HA), which are safe and simple to perform procedures.


Our Facial Filler Training will give you everything you are looking for in a workshop. To start, you will be shown various kinds of Facial fillers in the market and the indications of each filler,depending upon the ingredients present and the consistencies.The workshop includes intensive theory presentations in the morning and following lunch in the afternoon you will be able to practice these injections on volunteers until you are comfortable with the technique. You will be closely supervised by the mentors for the same.

The Facial Filler Training workshop includes basic as well as additional, more advance procedures you can add to your practices. So, in addition to learning how to inject Naso Labial folds and Lips you will now understand how to perform the cheek augmentation,chin augmentation and various other facial contouring procedures.

Soft tissue augmentation procedures with the facial fillers, are the second most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed all over the world after Botulinum.The reason for the popularity of facial fillers is the semi-permanent nature of the procedure which shows instant results which even increase for some period of time. The varieties of HA dermal filler products now available allow for immediate correction of these areas of deficit and can improve certain facial features as well as the signs of aging.

AII’s specialised Facial Filler Trainings will prepare the participating doctors in the proper selection and application of the various types of fillers. We will give you a full understanding of the facial areas, patient selection, techniques for placement, and product selection for the different areas of the face and even for rejuvenation of hands.

Each of the attending healthcare professionals will participate in the “hands on sessions” on the patients so that you are efficient in these procedures. In the afternoon session ,Our mentors will make sure you have plenty of hands on experience to feel confident in the procedure.

Facial Fillers is an art and a science because you have a limited amount of product in each syringe and specific placement of the product is essential to get the most correction in as many places as possible to be able to achieve an overall improvement for the clients. Setting client expectations and being able to identify the various aesthetic conditions that can be corrected or improved using the fillers will allow you to successfully integrate these procedures within your practices.

The paticipants will learn the

  • Pharmacology
  • Types of Fillers
  • Patient selection for fillers
  • Indications (Nasolabial Folds/Marionette Lines)
  • Side Effects and Complications
  • Combination Therapies Botox and Fillers
  • Facial Fillers for Under Eyes (Tear Trough)
  • Facial Fillers for Volume Augmentation of Cheeks
  • Facial Fillers for Volume Augmentation of Cheeks
  • Facial Fillers for Mentolabial Folds
There is little or no prior investment associated with these procedures and the demand for the facial filler procedures continue to rise. facial Fillers are by far the most enjoyable and most rewarding procedure in Aesthetics and that too in the shortest amount of time.