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Beauty is a symbol of health,happiness and confidence. It equates with power and control.

We are fast becoming a culture where we see wrinkles as unhealthy, imperfect past, which needs correction, like a broken tooth or decreased vision, something that can be done in one visit of a clinic.Although the human desire to beat the clock is not a recent wish, the rise of anti-aging concept has been magnified and human beings desire to fight aging. Recently, with the development of nonsurgical interventions like Botulinum and fillers,we have an abundance of services designed to “fix” facial wrinkles.

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Botulinum Protein Treatment

  • Do you want to look younger, & beautiful, no matter what your age is?
  • Are you bored of seeing those wrinkles & lines developing on your face?
  • Do you want to get rid of these lines & wrinkles & have gorgeous, fresh looking young skin?
  • Do you want to feel your skin softer, fresher and young, just like you had it before?
If yes, then what you need is Botulinum protein treatment and fillers .

It is the only way you can preserve that young, beautiful look, without using expensive anti-ageing creams that hardly work.

What Is Botulinum protein?

Botulinum is a purified protein, approved by US FDA and is used to relax the muscles, which cause wrinkles.

It removes the frown lines which can make one appear more stressed, tired and older looking than they actually are.

Number of sessions required : one
Duration : 15 minutes

Is Botulinum safe?

Botulinum injections are safe and effective, and it has been used to treat various conditions for more than a decade.

Where is Botulinum protein administered?

Botulinum injections are usually injected on the skin to treat wrinkles and facial lines. Same goes for medical treatments, although the technique is different particularly in the injection process and the type of needle.

Is there any pain during Botulinum injection?

Its like little pinching or "tiny mosquito bites" sensation during the Botulinum administration process.

What should a patient do after a Botulinum treatment?

A patient is required to rest without lying down in the first 2 hours after the treatment. Exercising or any strenuous activity is also prohibited during this period. A patient is also advised to avoid touching the treated area for the first 4 hours after the treatment.

How long will the results last and how soon can the patient see the results?

Results last for around 3 to 6 months. Re-injection of Botulinum is required to maintain the desired appearance.
Result start appearing from 3rd to 5th day after the treatment.

How often should a patient have Botulinum treatment to maintain the desired results?

To maintain the desired look and results, it is advisable to have Botox treatments every 4 to 6 months. Delaying the succeeding treatments can be made as the age lines and wrinkles become lighter.

Which type of wrinkles respond best to Botulinum injections?

Only dynamic wrinkles respond positively to Botulinum injections.
It helps to treat conditions such as

  • Forehead Dynamic lines,which appear on raising the eyebrows.
  • Crow’s-feet, also known as ‘laugh lines’ and ‘character lines,’.These are tiny wrinkles and fine lines that form around the outer corners of the eyes when we smile.
  • Frown lines which appear as vertical and/or horizontal lines or wrinkles between the eyebrows. These lines can be present even when not frowning, leading to an angry or scowling look.
  • Bunny lines that are the wrinkles, which appear on both the sides of nose.
  • Smoker lines that extend all around the lips and the mouth .
  • Under eye wrinkles and Neck lines.

How does Botulinum treatment work for wrinkles?

Botulinum reduces the facial muscle contractions that produce facial lines or wrinkles., hence, softening and preventing the formation of age lines.

When will the results start to appear after botulinum treatment?

Within 2 to 3 days you’ll start noticing improvements in your skin’s tone & texture. After a week, the overall result will be clearly visible.

For how long the results will last?

The results can stay for about three to six months,. .

What are the side effects of Botulinum treatment?

The treatment is not harmful because only small amounts of Botulinum Toxin are injected. Slight redness and tingling might occur which is temporary.

Botulinum protein Injections are the most popular aesthetic treatment administered by doctors around the world, as it is administered in more than 3 million treatments per year. Botulinum Injections, cause a noticeable improvement, and it has been the one of the most successful cosmetic procedures performed around the world; the people have been very satisfied with it. It is completely safe and it improves the skin in a way that would look natural and very pleasing to the eyes.