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The Botox Training course is intended for Physicians, Dentists, and other Healthcare Professionals who are eager to learn and master the injectable procedures.


The Botulinum Training course is an absolutely complete course and covers all aspects needed to add this procedure into your practices so that you can immediately begin performing these techniques on your own. Our Botulinum workshop has very detailed lectures in the morning followed by intensive hands on training in the afternoon with real patients.

After completion of the course, the candidates acheive a level of confidence for working on their own patients. We have successfully trained lots of medical and dental professionals and helped many of them set up their own aesthetic practices as well.

Various basic and advanced indications of botulinum like all dynamic wrinkles of the face and microbotox and even hyperhidrosis are covered.During the program you will also learn how to reconstitute and dilute various brands of Botulinum, where to buy the product, how to price the Botox procedure and the marketing strategies

The participating doctors get a complete set of training materials and consent forms, which can be used as a reference material for future use.

Hands-On Training

Our programs include demonstration by the mentors as well as handson by the participating doctors . Our faculty carefully monitors the technique and style of injecting to help improve the participants’ skills.

Ongoing Support and Consultation

In addition to our experienced mentors, we provide ongoing support and consultation .After attending our course ,you will be added in our Watsapp group of physicians who share and discuss their cases and problems,if any.

Learn About the Latest Techniques Being Used with Botulinum Training

Top Botulinum Techniques You Will Learn at the Workshop The candidates also learn pricing and packaging, marketing, constituting and preparing Botox, Storage and handling, technique and live hands on training, as well as new technologies

Facial Anatomy,Different layers of the skin and their relevance to the injectable procedures.

Botox and its usage for all basic indications like crows feet, laugh lines,forehead lines,bunny Lines ,frown lines . Botox usage in advanced indications like De bulking of face,Nefertiti lift for a sharp well defined

Hands-On Sessions. After demonstration by the mentor ,the participants will do the consultations and inject Botulinum in the patients for various indications