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The course for periodontology can be divided into 2 categories

  • Basic
  • Advanced

BASIC COURSE: Perio-Aesthetics

Day 1
  • 1. Introduction to periodontology
  • 2. Clinical diagnosis and treatment planning
  • 3. Phases of Treatment
    • i. 1st phase: Non-surgical l treatment comprising of
      • a. Operator positions
      • b. Scaling and curettage: using the correct scalers and curettes
      • c. Chemical plaque control
  • 4. Biological width concept
Hands on for scaling and root planning.
Demo of different types of universal scalers their use and Gracey curettes, their locations of use and their positioning.
Day 2
  • 1. Phases of treatment
    • ii. Surgical phase:
      • a. Surgical designs and treatment planning
      • b. Gingivectomy
      • c. Frenectomy
      • d. Crown lengthening.
    • iii. Restorative phase
      • a. Interdisciplinary periodontics:
        • Endo-Perio
        • Prostho-perio
        • Ortho-perio
        • Perio-restorative
Hands on demo of the surgeries on patient and pigs jaw.
Day 3
  • 1. Periodontal flaps
    • a. Introduction to a periodontal flap.
    • b. When, what, where and why?
    • c. Types of periodontal flaps
    • d. Hand on demo on pig’s jaw
  • 2. Perio-plastic surgeries
    • a. Gingival recession: classification and treatments available
    • b. Free gingival graft
    • c. Connective tissue graft
  • 3. Implant and Perio-aesthetics
    • a. Concept of biological width around implant
    • b. How much is adequate
    • c. Augmentation of gingiva around implants
      • i. Palacchi technique
      • ii. Buccal roll flap technique
      • iii. Pouch and tunnel technique (vista tech)
Demo of all the perio-plastic techniques Hands on pigs jaw all the taught techniques