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Prepare a child for his first dental appointment

The best preparation is the positive attitude towards any new experience. Show only positive comments about experience with the dentist. As children pick up on adult’s apprehensions, so making negative comments is not a good habit.

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How often a child should visit the dentist?

Scheduling checkups are made once in every 6 months, but frequent visit may be required depending upon the condition of teeth.

Take care of your baby' teeth, although they are not permanent

Your children’s first teeth play an important role in speaking, smiling and chewing properly, although they don’t last as long as the permanent teeth. A child’s general health is also affected by the oral health of teeth and gums.

As these teeth hold spaces in the jaw for permanent teeth, if a child loses a tooth too early due to damage or decay, the nearby teeth may encroach on those spaces and may result in malpositioned permanent teeth.

Some of the cases may also require to use braces for the children

  • Teeth not emerging in the right sequence
  • Missing teeth
  • Spacing
  • Various bite conditions, such as open deep, and cross

Dental Sealant for Kids

Sealants are the safe and simplest way to help your child avoid cavities via covering the pits and fissures in teeth.

We are a reliable dentist in Delhi who believes in making patient’s smile beautiful by using latest methods of dentistry, as their health is our prime concern.